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Disposable Email Detection API


API SDK (Python)

API showcase

Costs 2 credits/call

Returns true for a recognized disposable email address

Practical Example: Tired of free riders signing up with fake email addresses and using your app's free trial repeatedly? Stop wasting money for API calls, emails and other costs incurred by users who will never pay for anything. Prevent them from signing up with our Disposable Email Detection API.

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Subscriptions are recurring, billed on the anniversary of your first payment. Please write us if you wish to downgrade your tier or cancel your recurring payment.


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Credits per month (all endpoints combined) 100 /mo 100,000 /mo 250,000 /mo 600,000 /mo 1,500,000 /mo

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Price per month - $99 $150 $330 $600
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All API calls are subject to a rate limit of 100 calls per second.

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