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Company Logo API


API SDK (Python)

API showcase

Costs 3 credits/call

Returns a company logo based on a website domain. If the logo is not in our database yet, it will be extracted from the site on the fly. White logo background is automatically removed to make the logo look better on color backgrounds. SVG logos are returned whenever possible as well.

NEW: Company Logo API now returns multiple logos both in square and original aspect ratio

NEW: When no logo is found, the API can now provide a fallback logo generated from brand colors used on the website.

Coming from Clearbit? See how RiteKit compares to Clearbit's logo API

Need a no code solution? If you need to fill a database with 200k+ logos, please follow instructions here.

Don't want to store the images on your server? Use permanentUrl returned by the API in <img> src attribute. Each image view costs 1 credit (see Permanent Image API).

Practical Example: Customize interface of your app based on user's email domain.

The extraction might take 30-60 seconds depending on the target website size and speed.

API Plans & Pricing

Subscriptions are recurring, billed on the anniversary of your first payment. Please write us if you wish to downgrade your tier or cancel your recurring payment.


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Credits per month (all endpoints combined) 100 /mo 50,000 /mo 250,000 /mo 600,000 /mo 1,500,000 /mo

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Price per month - $49 $150 $330 $600
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All API calls are subject to a rate limit of 100 calls per second.

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