RiteKit Tools Pricing

RiteForge includes:

  • Connect unlimited social media profiles: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Multi-schedule evergreen content for days, weeks or months in advance
  • Create animated text GIFs, add instant images, emojis or hashtags, tag influencers - all in your handy RiteForge Composer
  • Unlimited Enhances: Auto-hashtags, auto-emoji, Rite.ly CTAs on links or article author @mentions all boost your post's ROI in a single click on the Enhance button
  • No monthly post limit! Tiers are based on posts in queue across all your profiles. As they go out, schedule more

RiteBoost includes:

  • Improve ROI of your posts with Enhance. Add hashtags, emoji, GIFs all in a single click
  • Enhance in any site by browser extension that integrates with Twitter, Buffer, Sendible and any other tool
  • Use Bulk Creator to generate & Enhance posts from RSS, Feedly, Pocket and more to automatically fill your social profile queues with days of engaging content
  • Schedule generated posts with RiteForge, Buffer or Sendible
  • Unlimited content sources from RSS, Pocket, Feedly, Evernote, CSV, Google Sheets, Reddit, OneNote, Buffer, Slack and more!

Rite.ly includes:

  • Unlimited Calls-To-Action: save one or more CTA per brand, client or campaign
  • Text, image, video or invisible (tracking-only) CTA types
  • Rich customization of text, colors, sounds and logos
  • Affordable custom domains
  • Embed one or more tracking pixels for ad remarketing and affiliate marketing per CTA
  • Analyze social ROI and engagement to easily compare performance of different CTAs
  • 5,000 link clicks per month included + option for more
  • Link clicks are only counted if your CTA is shown

RiteTag includes:

  • Instant hashtag suggestions for text and images on any site (including Pinterest, Buffer, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Later) via browser extension in Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Instant hashtag suggestions for text and images via mobile apps for Android and iOS (great for Instagram!)
  • Selling locally? Set RiteTag to provide hashtags for images in over 25 languages.
  • Organize your hashtags into Hashtag Sets. Use them in RiteTag, RiteForge and RiteBoost.
  • Works with all desktop-to-phone Instagram solutions