About RiteKit

We are building the social media toolkit for people who make their living on social.

Our team continues to add facets to the social media toolkit that is already the world’s most automated, user-friendly and the most integrated into your existing work-flow. Our aim has never wavered: the maximum views, engagement and link click-throughs on everything you share socially.

Our Story

It started in 2011 at the time of the biggest earthquake and tsunami to hit Japan in 600 years. People took to social media to share tips on getting clothing to people in shelters, radiation levels, and so on. Research revealed that #jpquake was actually the most widely used hashtag , rather than #prayforjapan, #japanearthquake, and many others. Saul, our CEO, arrived at the conclusion that people rarely know which hashtag is going to get your message seen. That’s why the first version of RiteKit was created.

Over time, we realized that there are other factors beyond hashtags that power an effective post. From a hashtag recommendation engine, we opened our scope to encompass total social media optimization: hashtags that get engagement, gorgeous images that garner attention and call-to-actions on pages you share - to ensure you get what you need from social. We employ machine-learning to make our AI smarter every day. The more you use RiteKit, the better it gets.

Beyond optimizing individual posts, we set out to streamline the social media workflow. Posting to social media should be as simple as possible. We added the ability to combine all your sources of content in one place, optimize for social and post directly. Simplifying your workflow to a few minutes a day, instead of potentially hours of trying to perfect each post.

“We believe in open ecosystems. We don’t see a need for marketers to leave their preferred social media management dashboard. We just bring RiteKit in, via our APIs, integrations and browser extensions,” explains Saul.

Our manifesto

  1. We want people to do meaningful work only. Automate everything else.
  2. No one has ever worked for RiteKit. We work with people; people work with us.
  3. Our leaders aim to make leaders of others.
  4. We encourage participation in all aspects of our businesses from all staff, all levels. We act on good ideas, regardless of seniority.

Our team

Saul Fleischman - Co-founder & CEO

Saul Fleischman photo

A working CEO, Saul does business strategy, feature design, customer experience, customer and partner relations, and also participates in product design and PR. He is our resident talent magnet and the glue that keeps us together. Finds the leader within team members and helps it to take root and flourish.

Michal Hudecek - Co-founder & CTO

Michal Hudecek photo

Seasoned marketing and Design expert, the man behind numerous world class products. Project manager, educator, Design lead, participates in customer engagement, but is our master and commander of growth.

Pavel Houzva - Lead Engineer

Pavel Houzva photo

Problem-solver extraordinaire and code optimization expert, Pavel has been the Lead Programmer at RiteKit since its birth (RiteTag) and an inspiration to everyone in the Engineering Division.

Ahmed Saleh - Software Engineer

Ahmed Saleh photo

A HackForward Team Leader, Ahmed is a powerhouse of insight into prioritizing tasks, and team-building, mentoring several interns at any time. He is dedicated, driven and adds value to our roadmap for the future.

Special thanks

Saad Elbeleidy

Shashank Bharadwaj


Camila Oliveira, Sarabjot Kohli, Ankit Jaggi, Mickael Le Gal, Sumeet Dhariwal, Deniz Ece Aktan, Alex Devero, Soomin Jeong, Kin Ching Wong, Oskar Zhang, Shekar Brahma, Zach Wen, Joeleen Moy, Calvin Tam, Han Zhen Liu, Joseph Salomon, Matthew Hilbert, George Konstantakopoulos

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