RiteKit Guide

Check the following articles to learn how to get the most out of RiteKit

How to Schedule Multiple Posts of Evergreen Content with Repeat in RiteForge and RitePush

Set any post to Repeat from Composer (RiteForge site or browser extension) or even any post already scheduled

  1. In Composer, which opens when you click the RiteForge browser button or highlight test and right-click for RiteForge "Auto Enhance and Share," craft your post, Auto-Enhance, tweak images, hashtags, and then click the down arrow beside Auto-Enhance.
  2. Select Repeat and then set by Daily/Weekly/Monthly.

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How to Use a Tag Manager Code in Rite.ly to Embed Multiple Tracking Scripts in your Rite.ly URLs

By adding your tracking pixel to your Rite.ly CTAs settings, you can do many things, such as determine which rite.ly CTA leads to sales, signup conversions, or collect the Facebook accounts of people who have contact with your content so that you can drill down from a large group when you create a custom audience for Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, Doubleclick or Adroll ads. It even works with Adroll, Affiliate Window, Crazy Egg, Firebase, Nielsen and Adobe Analytics!

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