RiteKit Guide

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Image extraction, creation and upload options in RiteForge Composer

besides auto-hashtagging, auto-Emojify, author attribution and your influencer-tagging and other options, The RiteForge Composer, available to you on the RiteForge Dashboard and right in your browser, with the browser button and mouse right-click on highlighted text, offer several ways to upload, create and extract images to add to a social post. The video in this tutorial shows how to use them all.

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How to Avoid an Instagram Shadowban

 Since there’s so much overlap of hashtag engagement between Twitter and Instagram (but not as much with Facebook), RiteTag is what you need. When you've done the research, though, save it, per topi, in a TagSet, for access in the RiteForge Android app and the mobile-friendly RiteTag site. Your TagSets are right on the RiteTag Dashboard, when you're signed in.

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How to use Feedly for Content Discovery, Then Import and Automate a Social Presence with RitePush

With Feedly as a Source in a RitePush Formula, here's how to:
  • Discover content, skim it and add to a Feedly Board, to be imported into RitePush for Enhancement and social media publishing
  • Discover multitudes of blogs, organize them in Feeds and import the latest posts - up to 100 at a time - in RitePush
  • Find mentions of your brand, product names, peoples' names, etc. as an Alert Feed and import this into RitePush

Note: a Feedly Pro account is required to use Feedly in RitePush.

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