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#SocEnt and the Evil #Entrepreneur

From the forum for the Coursera course: Social Entrepreneurship, thoughts on the the evil profit-focused entrepreneur and the profit-focused social entrepreneur.

"f you're really helping the needy, bringing a real change which is helping them and you need money to sustain yourself too and have a reasonable balance in your savings account, then I believe there's nothing wrong in making a profit." - Navin Ipe

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How To Grow A Twitter Community Like #betech of startups.be - by @tjalve

Guest post by @tjalve - "I discovered plenty of amazing initiatives for tech startups. Just take a look of the mapping of Belgian startup support initiatives made by the good guys at Startups.be. I suggested we imitated the success of #cphftw and started a common hashtag for all the terrific Belgian tech startup initiatives... Only a few days after our first meeting, we kicked-off #BeTech on Twitter.

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