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#HashtagMarketing vs. #PageSEO

There are 2.5 billion Hashtags posted everyday in #Facebook, #Twitter & #Instagram alone. The science of hashtag marketing is on the rise and the integration of hashtag mentions on native advertising formats adds more resonance in its popularity. 

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Valve's #FreetoPlay Intends to Legitimize Pro-Gaming

#FreetoPlay is a hashtag based upon Valve's documentary Free to Play. Free to Play follows the life of three professional gamers as they tried to make a living doing what they loved, despite lack of understanding from family and friends. This documentary is Valve's attempt to legitimize pro gaming, and to promote one of their largest title Dota2.

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What #makesyoumad?

Interesting tweets found while looking at the #makesmemad hashtag. These might fall under the Jimmy Fallon radar, so we're bringing them to you instead. 

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