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​Video and ​​#vinemarketing: Hashtags & Lists - by @osakasaul

Use Twitter hashtags in Vine.
 What's great is that since Vine is a Twitter product, there is tremendous overlap of the hashtags that are well used and search/tracked/curated from Vine as those that are similarly "in play" in Twitter.​Missing, as I see it is how important lists are. Super for SEO; Google search loves lists. Lists of Vine videos, also, are also coming up on top in searches.

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Motivate Twitter Users with Big Data in UX Design

Ultimately, our customers determine what we do next. It is easy to find out how our clients are using our product, but it is difficult to decipher exactly why, and it is even harder to accommodate to their purpose.

In the context of Twitter, it is hard to narrow down to a single focus in their users’ fascination. Instagram – a place to share and stalk (shopped) photos. Facebook – where we keep in contact with our friends and family. Twitter? Is it where we follow celebrities and public figures? Where we discover business contacts and clients? Where we sell people 5k followers for $19.99?

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