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Hashtag campaigns for personal blogging? by @theritejo

Sure, we've all seen the major success of hashtag campaigns for huge companies and major events, but can this be applied to your average social media user? What do hashtag campaigns look like when they’re scaled down, and how can this lead to bigger things? Here are two great ways to implement hashtags into your blogging.

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esport's Latest Crowdsourcing Success – The International 4 Boosts 10 Million Dollars Prize Pool by @theritehan

Starting July 18th, the biggest e-sports tournament,The International 4 (TI4), for the game title Dota2 will commence in Key Arena,Seattle, WA. Hosted by Valve, TI4 will have largest payout inthe history of e-sports, boosting an insane 10 million dollars prize pool. Toput into perspective, 2014 Masters and 2014 Tour de France are putting out 9million and 2.45 million dollars respectively.

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