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Hashtags Give and Take - by @theritejo

Social media allows us to expand and interact with our network. We share media and content, collaborate, and interact on a global platform. In many ways, social media is a new form of communication and a way to establish relationships.  However, in our extreme focus to optimize and improve the return of our hashtags, have we forgotten that social media is two sided relationship? Its time to get a little personal. Here’s a quick guide on how to share the love on social media, and get some return too.

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Fun Hashtags - #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave @theRiteHan

As an American fan, it was tragic that US would not advance beyond the Round of 16 against the formidable Belgian team (BEL 2 – USA 1). What gave me comfort was knowing that our goalkeeper Tim Howard made the record for most saves (for now) in a World Cup since FIFA began to track this statistic in 2002. While it is a young record, the 16 saves by Howard kept Americans’ “soccer” dream alive until the bitter end. Soon afterwards, fans took their appreciation for the goalie’s tremendous effort onto Twitter by creating and tweeting photoshopped images of Howards preventing notable tragedies, real or fictional.

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