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Why are there no relevant hashtags for my query?

Often times, for "use with ["your query word(s)"], you will see "there are no recent examples..."

Let's look at this RiteTag Report, which I made public, so anyone can view it, whether they are registered with RiteTag or not:

The query was for "social media integration": http://ritetag.com/best-hashtags-for/social%20media%20integration/3638

Let's consider what RiteTag Reports do and how to order them well

While we can order multi-word Reports, the results can be confusing, since RiteTag will find social media content that contains all of the words in your query and also contain one or more hashtag.  So, when I see that there are no recent tweets that contain a suggested hashtag and my query, I understand that at some time, that hashtag was used in a number of tweets that contained 'social' and also 'media' and also 'integration - as words or hashtags.  I can still see how the hashtag is doing now - who is using it, how many times each, and recent tweets that contain the tag.  Being "standalone," they do not contain all three words (and may contain none: social media optimization.  For another hint at the connection between your query and suggested hashtags, there's your diagram.  Not much overlap = not a strong connection.

Often, a better thing to do, if you want hashtags related to a complex term or known multi-word hashtag, is to order a report with the words as a single string.

I did this with the Report query "socialintegration":


Another good thing to do is go broader, such as "integration," "socialcommerce," "usability," or even "socialmedia," which may or may not help someone who initially would think to order "social media integration." The Reports provide hashtag suggestions and other information on how they are used, who is using them, and the density of their use, and so depending on what the person is going to do with tags, these terms could be useful to order Reports for.

Sometimes, a Report has no hashtags to suggest at all.  Why?

The query could be so general that no hashtags stick out above others, and we cannot tell you from the data that we analyzed that one tag might be better than another.  Or, your query might be too specific, and there simply were zero or nearly zero instances of hashtags used with it recently.

Keep at it, and let us know what types of Report queries get you the best results.  Keep in mind that we automatically order many Reports for trending and popular terms, and usually, you wont even need to look at those Reports; you'll simply find tags related to such queries right inside Tag Optimizer.

by Saul Fleischman, RiteTagger


Got a hashtag getting-things-done story? 
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