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RiteTag Browser Extensions For #Scheduling & #Productivity

RiteTag now offers two free browser extensions - for Chrome and Firefox.

Get the purple tag in your browser bar to make ritetagging and scheduling, tweeting or auto-scheduling a snap.  Just click on your name in the RiteTag site, right at the top-right, pull down to Browser extensions, and install in seconds.

See how I get things done with the RiteTag Chrome Extension in the video (below the 1-minute slidedeck tutorial) :


And lastly, a quick question: #adn, or "App.net," a network similar to Twitter, has hashtags.  
What do you think about their dynamics in there?

by Saul Fleischman, RiteTagger


Got a hashtag getting-things-done story?
It doesn't matter if RiteTag played a part in it or not.

If it's well-written, typo-free, and would be helpful to RiteTaggers, send it with images as email attachments to saul@ritetag.com
We'll see what we can do, and will let you know, in any case.


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