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Spend less time in RitePush with Formulas

Most companies try to keep you inside their platforms. That's not us. We rebuilt RitePush to make social media optimization faster, easier, and simpler - with Formulas. A Formula saves you many hours of precious time by doing three main things:

  1. Automatically loading content from your RitePush sources.
  2. Automatically enhancing the post for its respective social network's layout.
  3. Automatically adds it to your selected queues.

Topic-relevant and strategic hashtagging in an instant.

Turn on auto-hashtagging for Twitter and Facebook. Turn them off for LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Images, auto-extracted from URLs.

Turn on to extract attention-grabbing images from the link being shared.

Rite.ly CTAs, baked into URLs you share.

Predetermine which of your Rite.ly calls-to-action float on the pages you share in your social streams.

Hashtagging, automatically.Images, added instantlyRite.ly CTAs, ready-to-go.

In this quick video tutorial, Saul shows what a Tweet (or post, pin, update) crafted, scheduled, and sent from a RitePush Formula looks like while explaining its elements:

  • the text
  • auto-hashtagging
  • rite.ly URL that adds a call-to-action to the link being shared.

In the RitePush Formulas Tutorial, you'll learn:

  • How to connect your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles and pages, as well as your Pinterest boards (and soon, Google+ profiles and pages).
  • How Saul built his Copyblogger RSS Formula with hashtags and duplicated it as a no-hashtags Formula with a different CTA.
  • How to build a new Formula, save it, duplicate it, and get the duplicated with-hashtags Formula running.

Note: When a Formula is set to ONposts will not be sent immediately. They will be added to the queue(s) of the social profile/page that you selected in the social accounts picker.

Pro-tip: Create the posting schedule for each queue in the Social Media Profiles settings tab. Just click the calendar icon beside each social profile, select the correct timezone, and set the times for your Add to queue posts to be sent.

If you're not a pusher yet, start a free trial. An active RiteForge account (any tier, including free trial) is required to use RitePush.

Get set up, build RitePush Formulas, duplicate and modify for different social profiles and audiences and start running at full or semi-auto.

Video not showing? Click here for the quick tutorial video.

How do you Push it?

If you Push it real good, we would love your story for the Hashtag Academy! Write support@ritekit.com with a blurb on what you do, social profiles where you send from RitePush, and we'll get back to you on how to submit text, images, etc. for our blog. 


In case you missed these just-released features we've added:

The new Repeat feature: for re-running evergreen posts - daily, weekly, monthly.
How to use RiteForge in IFTTT and auto-post from RiteForge to Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger, Medium and beyond.
Get RiteForge in Hootsuite or in Sendible for Auto-Enhance and all the image, GIF, influencer and hashtag tools.
Did you know there's no added cost for embedding your Facebook custom audience remarketing pixel in any/all of your Rite.ly CTAs? Better yet, embed many tracking pixels in any of your Rite.ly's!

Happy Optimizing!

Jason Michael
Customer Support Manager


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