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You Can Now Schedule to Facebook Groups With RiteForge and RitePush

You can now send or schedule posts to any Facebook Group you manage!

You will find the Facebook Groups you add in the RiteForge and RitePush Composer social profile picker

The social profile picker is at the top of Composer, which opens when you click your RiteForge browser button, or in from RiteForge Compose or when you click in any post in a RitePush Formula.

Why doesn't one or more of my Facebook Groups come up when I go through the add Facebook Groups process?
Check the Group in Facebook. Click the three dots to the right of Notifications. See "Manage Group?" If not, you do not have Manager rights.


Bonuses: convenient features that will speed up your RiteKit experience

1. Single login: Login to any of the RiteKit sites and you're logged in to all of them. We're always trying to save you time!

  • If you're using RiteForge, why not do a free trial of RitePush? Just click Automation at the top of the sites. Here's why.
  • If you're using RitetTag, why not do a free trial of RiteForge, social media publishing with Auto-Enhance and our Repeat feature for evergreen and self-promotional posts? Just click Scheduling at the top of the sites for RitePush.

2. Save time by shuffling Account Groups (groups of social media profiles, boards, pages)

  • Step One: Create Account Groups in the RiteKit Dashboard.  
  • Step Two: Shuffle the Account Group in your RiteForge Dashboard.
  • Clicking Shuffle on an Account Group will randomly shuffle the sequence of each social profile's queue.
  • Learn about RiteForge Account Groups here. Learn how to Shuffle either all social profiles' scheduled posts (excluding set time and Repeat posts) here.


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