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Twitter now lets you add images at zero character cost. RitePush and RiteForge are ready!

Twitter just changed, and so did our products, RitePush and RiteForge - just in time!

You are going to read that Twitter no longer counts images, GIFs, polls or videos in a Tweet - that these will not eat into your 140 character limit.

You can take now advantage of the ability to say more in a Tweet with RiteForge and RiteKit - and say in in images!

Here's a quick animation showing that the charater count is the same: with "quoted text" image (read this for doing those), with no image, or with image from word/hashtag: 

I got one image for this Tweet from Auto-Enhance, and see that I have 11 characters remaining:


I then clicked in #projectmanager, got an image from one of the five sources for images, added it, deleted the attribution (for the characters) and see that I still have 11 characters remaining - even with two images:

Of course, if you use Rite.ly with RitePush and/or RiteForge, the CTA on your URLs adds no characters and lets you soft-sell when you share content of interest to your audience!

What else can you now do, right in Twitter/Tweetdeck?

Twitter now does not count the @mention if you set the Tweet up as a reply - if you hit the reply button below a Tweet so, if you paste/type a tweet that begins with a @username, this does cost you characters and other @usernames in a Tweet do eat into your 140 character limit. The same goes for page URLs, whether in original form or shortened by Twitter or Rite.ly. 

Also, new in the RiteForge browser extension and the Composer throughout RiteForge and Ritepush (sites): "Leave open" at the bottom of Composer

There's a "Leave open" tick-box at the bottom of your RiteForge browser extension popup.

"Leave open" is great for quoted text tweets of what's been said about your brand. Highlight a quote, Auto-enhance, replace text with the blog post or page title and send one. Rotate to a new image and schedule more.

Hint: set a Talkwalker alert for your brand, your key staff member's names, product names, etc. When you get an alert, control-F to do a page search. Find what's been said, then highlight the text, hit the RiteForge browser button or right-click for Auto-Enhance and share, select "leave open," rotate images until you get a good one. Tweet one now, rotate to a new image, change hashtags, and schedule more.

That's how we do Tweets like these:






Happy optimizing, 

Saul Fleischman and the team at RiteKit


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