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Hootsuite just provided another reason to use RiteTag's drag-in image solution

Adding images to anything you're sharing from Hootsuite just got easier

We all know how images get attention in social media, regardless of the network, and RiteTag has just built the world's easiest way to get images from words or hashtags and drag them into updates.  Until now, Hootsuite converted links to ow.ly and so images attached did not expand to show in our tweets viewed in Twitter or elsewhere.  Hootsuite just fixed this, so here's how to make your Hootsuite image-friendly and ready for RiteTag's drag-in images solution.

In Hootsuite:

  1. Click your profile icon in the top-left.
  2. Select a Twitter Profile, then Settings.
  3. Under Image Uploads, pull-down to pic.twitter.com from the default: ow.ly
  4. Repeat for each Twitter profile you have in Hootsuite

Here's how that's done in seconds:

Using Hootsuite with RiteTag: 

  1. Visit RiteTag on the browser you use for Hootsuite and get the RiteTag browser extension (if you don't already have it.)
  2. Type in the Hootsuite update field at the top, and click in and word or hashtag.
  3. Select any* of the image/animation sources, click through the gallery, and if you don't like the choices, select the next* image or animation source.
  4. Choose the image you want to add and click Add to save to your desktop and get it by pasting the link in the next popup or, even easier is to click Download.  (On Safari, you can only Add.)
  5. If you Download, you'll see it downloading at the top of Firefox or bottom of Chrome.  When the download is complete (seconds), just drag it towards the update field at the top of Hootsuite and the "Drag files here" filed will open.  Drop the image in there and you're set to send/schedule!

For more on getting images and animations from words/hashtags, see these recent posts on the Hashtag Academy blog:
I'll be back next week with something else we're brewing up to make social media optimization even faster.

Happy hashtagging,

Saul Fleischman
RiteTag CEO


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