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Free RiteForge Hootsuite app now available!

How to get and master the Hootsuite RiteForge app:

If you use Hootsuite for social listening and scheduling, you'll love this: get the RiteForge app from the App Directory (left side, puzzle piece in Hootsuite) - it works hand in hand with the RiteForge browser extension!

How to Install RiteForge in Hootsuite

Get it in the Hootsuite App Directory:

  1. Get the RiteForge App in the Hootsuite App Directory

  2. Sign in to RiteForge and open Extensions (pull-down from your avatar) and get the extension for your browser
  3. Refresh the browser tab with Hootsuite.

Where you'll find RiteForge in Hootsuite

  • Under the main update box:

  • From the three dots or down arrow expamder(depends on your version of Hootsuite) next to any post in a column in Hootsuite

What you can do with "Send to RiteForge and Enhance"

  • Enhance is your solution for two relevant and reaching hashtags, and when possible, an image, too. Auto-Emojify, Replace Rules and Author-Attribution are options as well.
  • Create a quoted text image, attach and put "quote" marks around any three or more words and then select Send to RiteForge and Enhance to create and add a text image.
  • Add your self-branded CTA to pages shared with the ow.ly created by Enhance automatically by setting that up here (be sure to have the top two boxes ticked). More here.

What you can do with "Send to RiteForge and Manually Enhance"

  • Get instant-add hashtags that are actually getting positive outcomes and are also relevant for your post.
  • Free images (with attribution): Click in a word, then the image button or click in a hashtag, then pull down to get a gallery of click-to-add mages from any of five sources.
  • Free GIF animations (with attribution): Click in a word, then the GIF button or click in a hashtag, then pull down to get a gallery of click-to-add GIFs.
  • Click-to-add emoji!
  • Auto-Emojify
  • Get a gallery of influencers from millions of words and hashtags.
  • Color-grading and current engagement analytics on over 11M hashtags.
  • Add Trending hashtags that are filtered and suggested based on current and historical engagement.
  • Enhance (the wand) is in Optimize Manually, too, and when you don't like the image from a URL, we suggest removing it with the X and getting an image or animation by clicking in a word, then the images or GIF icon.

See our Help Pages directory for tutorials on all the tools that you can choose from. 

Happy optimizing,

Saul Fleischman

CEO & RiteForger


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