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How to compare hashtag analytics and put your research to work

Hashtag Comparisons: because there is too much to remember for any hashtag, and because RiteTag makes it easy to also find hashtags associated with a searched hashtag.

Try comparing hashtags:

After doing your reasearch, you will want to edit the TagSet save box at the bottom of the site and save a TagSet with the hashtags that appear to be best for a topic or combination of topics.  Research further with the Hashtag Explorers you can open (far right of each hashtag's analytics), build TagSets, and use them throughout the RiteTag site, browser extension and mobile app.

Below you'll find a link to a quick video showing how to:

  1. Search for hashtag analytics
  2. Bookmark and compare hashtag analytics
  3. Dig deeper by opening a Hashtag Explorer from the hashtag comparison page and click hashtags in the spherical tree to get to those you need
  4. Save a TagSet for use throughout the RiteTag site, browser extension and mobile application.

The Hashtag Comparison How-to Video (under 3 minutes)

To hit the ground running with hashtag comparison pages, start with this one, which I built and used in the video above, and includes #seo, #sem and #smo.  Note that you can manually edit the hashtags in the field at the bottom of the page and add more, too.  Then, click Compare to research deeper.

Happy optimizing,

Saul Fleischman

RiteTag CEO


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