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Millions of free images with attribution, right where you post

We have the how-to for our biggest feature-release in three years: images from hashtags and words right where you post.  And it is for all tiers - Trial, Lite, Pro and Agency!

It's in everything you read on how to get more in Facebook, Twitter - and every social network or content network that allows images to show in a stream:

Images are a must

Everything we use requires us to get images you already have saved in our computer/device.  RiteTag provides a fast and easy image solution - right where you post.

RiteTag and the new browser extension 2.1 now serves up millions of free images on demand, available from both words and hashtags, and helps you add them to Facebook updates and Tweets effortlessly. We have been testing this for weeks and the results on our own social presence is huge.

How to get images from words in any of the sites RiteTag integrates with through our Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension:

Up to ten images for nearly any word or hashtag are now three clicks away


(Need more than this animated GIF? See the 1-minute slidedeck with all main features of the RiteTag browser extension.)

  1. Search for images from any word or hashtag
  2. Click Download
  3. When the download completes, drag and drop the image to the update field in Twitter, Tweetdeck, Facebook, Google+ or SproutSocial or add it manually via Add image button as you usually do.
  4. Attribution to twitter user or link to the image is automatically added to your tweet (editable)

More sources of images coming for Pro and Agency users in the coming weeks.

If you already have RiteTag extension, based on your settings it should either update to the new version automatically or you can update manually here: https://ritetag.com/get-extension 

Tip: schedule retweets of people you want to be looking at you: cut them down, add a good, appropriate image, hashtag 1-2 operative words.  Watch what happens!

I'll be back next week with a dynamic feature that I think you'll use as much as I am - for engagement.

Happy hashtagging,

Saul Fleischman

RiteTag CEO


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