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Free Hashtag Analytics by Twitter notification

For everyone looking for the fastest way to get a hashtag's engagement analytics page delivered to their phone, device or desktop, our new engineer, Saad Elbeleidy just made it fast and easy for anyone to get instant Tweet notifications - to your phone, desktop, etc. - any time you need to be sure a hashtag is worth using or see if there's an associated hashtag that might be getting more retweets/impressions vs. the uniques.

Just tweet  like this:

@ritetagAPI #infosec stats

You'll get a notification with an image and link to the full in just two seconds

Here's the actual Tweet notification for my request Tweet "@ritetagAPI #infosec stats"

Here's the Analytics Page that I was sent.

You will find the history, so you know if that use is steady, as well as languages, countries, influencers (top and recent), and two embeds that you can use in blogs and web pages.  Note that when you embed either RiteTag stats or the spherical tree that flips when you click outer hashtags, they are always being updated.  You can even manually type a hashtag in the Explorer (the sphere) and study other hashtags and their associated hashtags.  Save TagSets of those you'll later need and use them with the RiteTag browser extension (registration required.)


Here's what you get in the Hashtag Analytics page that @ritetagAPI sends you by Twitter notification:


How to decide on hashtags based on RiteTag's stats

Please see these RiteTag Help pages for details on how to understand the hashtag grading system, hashtag recommendations, and how to decide on a hashtag's likelihood of helping with Tweet views and retweets:

How to Understand and Use Hashtag Actionables

Associated Hashtags vs. Hashtag Recommendations

And here's the complete help page for the hashtag stats from @ritetagAPI feature. 


Happy optimizing,

Saul Fleischman



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