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Ben O'Hanlon of @Rocciahome shares how to get Feedly in RiteTag Automation

Ben O'Hanlon shares this easy work-around. We'll be adding Feedly integration this Summer but for now, a big thank-you to Ben O'Hanlon of Roccia, for this tutorial on why and how he uses Feedly in RiteTag Automation. You can find his 3-minute tutorial in our How to RiteTag playlist in Youtube and there are many more tutorials in our Help Directory.
Automation in RiteTag allows you to import content from Twitter word/words, hashtag/hashtags, user streams and more, as well as from Pocket, Evernote, and .rss. Feedly integration is in the works. RiteTagger Ben O'Hanlon of Roccia provides an easy way to get a .rss mash-up from Feedly in Automation right now
The problem - Feedly collections bring together large numbers of websites and blogs to see updates in one news feed. Ritetag allows the user to automate scheduling from one RSS source only. For a Feedly user this is impractical because they're likely to have a large number of sources.
The work-around - Ritetag will bring up 25 updates from a RSS feed. For websites or blogs that update regularly it's fine to have that as one source. In instances where a website or blog doesn't update enough to pull 25 new posts into Ritetag we can combine those into one RSS feed. Here is how...
  • Go to Feedly.com and open up your collection. You will be able to see the number of updates beside each blog/website.
  • Click on feeds which don't have a large number of udpates and open them in a new tab. Start with approx 3-5.
  • Open up http://chimpfeedr.com. Add the URL of each source into 'Feed the Chimp' and click 'add feed'. Add them all and then click 'Chomp Chomp.'

  • You'll then be asked to give your feed a name (name the sources you've added).

  • You will now be given a URL which is a RSS feed for all of those sources.
  • You can now go to Ritetag https://ritetag.com/automation/ and 'add a source' (rss) and you'll have 3-5 websites/blogs in one source and be able to automate from it regularly. 

Here's Ben's video tutorial:


As you'll see in Tweets from @Rocciahome, they are using their CTA header on pages shared from RiteTag, the RiteTag browser extension and Automation to build their email list. 

Do you have a story on how you use RiteTag for your business? Our Community Angels in Europe, Asia and America would love to speak with you on how we can share your story and give you tools, such as the free TinyTake that Ben used for the video. Tweet to @ritetag or write support@ritekit.com to get in touch.

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