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Feeding RitePush with Feedly Pro X Pocket or RiteTag X Feedly

RitePush is all about publishing visually enhanced, social search optimized (read: auto-hashtagging from Auto-Enhance) posts, making them pay with a call-to-action on pages you share socially, and doing it all with the world's fastest solution. Using just a few powerful Sources in RitePush will speed up your work even more.

Rather than taking a smattering of articles from a single .rss, with many individual .blog feeds by using Add Source > rss in your RitePush dashboard, you can save collections of blog feeds by adding Pocket as a Source (even Free Pocket) and then connecting Pocket in Feedly. 

Here's what to do:

  1. Sign up for Pocket
  2. Sign up for Feedly, upgrade to Pro, and connect Pocket
  3. Build a Collection from DISCOVER AND FOLLOW in the left menu
  4. Open RitePush, hit Add Source on the top left, and add Pocket
  5. Click on Pocket in RitePush and Refresh

The result: a blend of all the feeds from the blogs you saved to your Feedly Collection.

Pro Tips:

You can tag one or more Feedly Collections and then, in RitePush, when you Add Source > Pocket, select a tag so that your RitePush Pocket Feed has only the Collection(s) you need for content marketing.

You can add multiple Pocket Sources in RitePush for content saved in Pocket with different tags and then, after the Pocket Sources are saved, click in "Pocket" in the left side Sources menu of th eRitePush dashboard to edit the Source names, so you'll remember which is which.

Feedly Pro is an incredible deal at just $5.41/month when paid annually. We recommend them: the leader in .rss mashups. 


Get Started with RiteTag X Feedly (even Free Feedly)

If you are new to Feedly and have RiteTag, you can use RiteTag right inside Feedly for hashtag engagement color-grading as you share to Twitter and Facebook.

Just get the RiteTag browser extension and then, when you click on an article and then the Facebook share or Tweet icon, type a # before a word and then a space or add a # to a word, click at the end of the word and type a space and you'll see the engagement color grading. With two or more hashtags graded, you can open Compare, to make data driven decisions: look for a moderate number of Unique Tweets/hour vs. a high number of hourly exposure (impressions).

See this in action:

We hope to be able to integrate directly with Feedly this month so keep an eye out for our announcements.

Happy optimizing, 

Saul Fleischman and the team at RiteKit


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