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Endless images to quick-add to Facebook updates & Tweets!

Throughout the RiteTag site and from the browser button (just one part of the RiteTag browser extension), the Composer sharing tool is context-aware.  As you craft a post to multi-share to Facebook account/pages and to go out from Twitter accounts, Composer makes it easy to get influencers to tag, hashtags from words/hashtags, and now, millions of images as well.  This week, we're announcing how getting to millions of images for what you're sharing to social just got much faster.

Just two weeks ago we announced a lightning fast way to add public images to your posts (including animated GIFs). Based on your suggestions since we added five image sources to the RiteTag Composer, we made it even easier to get pics for your posts.

How to get to the best image or animation for your post faster

  1. In Composer, click in a word or hashtag and choose any of the image sources: Twitter, Giphy (animations!), Instagram, Flickr or Imgur.
  2. Click through the gallery of pictures to see which would be best. All are expandable to full size and if you add one, we'll include editable attribution, too!
  3. When you don't like what you get from your first image source, click the down arrow to the go directly to the next image source: 
  4. Make your selection and add the image or animation (Giphy) to your post.
  5. Schedule to one or more social accounts, then repeat for other accounts, with the same or other hashtags/influencers/image.

Here's how it looks in action:

You can now quickly switch image source even after you search - and even just for a word or hashtag: 

See this post for details on why you will want to add an image to nearly everything you share to your social streams.

We think you are going to enjoy the speed at getting to and adding animations and images to your social updates - for nearly any term, name, hashtag. Tweet to @ritetag to share what's working the best.  We'll help pass it on!

Happy hashtagging,

Saul Fleischman
RiteTag CEO


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