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Bulk upload csv files of tweets to optimize

For more productivity in your Coach dashboard, use the new .csv bulk tweets uploader

When you log in to the RiteTag site, you land on the Coach dashboard.  While you can paste tweets/posts in the box to upload and prepare for optimizing with images, emoticons, influencer-tagging and of course, smarter hashtags, you now have this choice: csv bulk tweets/posts importing:

What to do with your bulk uploaded posts?

Each bulk-uploaded post gets it's own Composer, which gives you the fastest access to total social media optimization:

  • Optimize with images from words/hashtags (see this post for image marketing, using the images from words/hashtags feature)
  • Add one to two hashtags at the end, selecting based on relevancy, but for reach, opt for a high ratio of retweets/impressions to uniques.
  • Influencers to engage, emojis, trending hashtags and fear not, even more to come!
  • Import into Buffer or Hootsuite

Here's the help page for making and using CSV files for stocking Twitter and Facebook profiles with content to drip out over time.

Also, in case you missed this, now you can add RiteTag to your Android homescreen - so you can use the entire RiteTag site in app mode!

Happy optimizing,

Saul Fleischman
RiteTag CEO


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